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Jaun Elia

Jaun Elia




  • Jaun Elia was born on december 14, 1931, in Amroha,Uttar Pradesh, India. He is youngest of his family
  • In Amroha he received his early education under the guidance of his father,He acquired the degrees of Urdu ,Persian and Arabic
  • Jaun Elia had very communist views, he became adverse to this idea of a separate state but finally chose to join Pakistain in 1957 and chose Karachi as the residing city.


  • He had also collected his letters to Zahida Hena To whome he was married but they had separated later in 1992
  •  His poetry is known for its unending pain. According to him, the highest level of love is in actual the Beginning of separation from lover.



  •  The renowned poet, biographer and Scholar Jaun Elia died at the age of 70 after a protracted illness on Nov 8, 2002, in Karachi.
  • He was a Chronic TB patient who couldn’t escape from death.



  • Jaun Elia was deeply interested in the disciplines of history, philosophy, and religion
  •  He published his first anthology Shaayed (1991) during his lifetime, other collections Yaani ,Gumaan ,Lekin, Goyaa and a book in prose entitled Farmood were published posthumously.


  • The Presidential Award for Pride of Performance in 2000 from the government of Pakistan.


  • Mai bhi ajeeb hu or itna ajeeb hu ki
  • khud ko tabaah karliya or malaal bhi nhi.
  •  Mera ghar barbaad hogya
  • Mere sab log mar gaye
  •  Ye hasne ki baat hai?
  •  Accha,ye hasne ki baat hai.
  • uski umeed e naaz ka
  •  Humse ye maan tha
  • Ke aap,
  • Umar gujaar dijiye ,umar gujaar di gayi.