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Rajeev Dixit

Rajeev Dixit
  • Rajiv Dixit (1967—2010) was an Indian social activist who launched the Azadi Bachao Andolan (Save Freedom Movement) in the early 1990s as a campaign to protect Indian industries
  • An aide to Ramdev, he also served as the national secretary to Ramdev’s anti-corruption organisation, Bharat Swabhiman Andolan.
  • He was born on 30 november 1967 to Radheshyam tiwari and Mithlesh tiwari in Aligarh.
  • He passed his intermediate from Firozabad’s P.D Jain inter college.
  • He completed from Allahabad and from IIT and also worked for CSIR for some time. Dixit wrote several books: Swadeshi Chikitsa (in 4 volumes) Gau Gauvansh Par Aadharit Swadeshi Krishi Gau Mata Panchgavya Chikitsa
  • Dixit died on 30 November 2010 while in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.
  • The Rajiv Dixit death is still a mystery. The main reason behind it was that the post mortem was not carried out.
  • Another question arose was why Rajiv Dixit body taken to patanjali and not to sevagram (Rajiv Dixit home), it was the place from where Rajiv dixit worked for his whole life.
  • One of Rajiv Dixit old friend of Azadi Bachao andolan said that they all went to patanjali the next night of Rajiv Ji death and saw that the whole body was blue black,
  • Then he with his 9 more friends of Mumbai went to Ramdev office and sat down there from 5 a.m and said if Ramdev does not meet us they will not allow ramdev go from here. STUDY IQ