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Kailash Satyarthi

Kailash Satyarthi

He was born as Kailash Sharma on 11 January 1954, in the Vidisha district of central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.
• Kailash father was Ramprasad Sharma who was a police constable and started living uneasy life after the death of his son Surendra in 1952, his mother name was Chironji.
• He was a very sensitive and conscious child and always cared for others.He cried when kids troubled animals.
• He has three brothers and one sister too, Jagmohan Sharma,Chandrabhan Sharma,Lila Sharma who was the most pampered child and then Kailash.
• He was called Surendra in childhood but at one incident he took Kailash as his name and from there he was called KAILASH.


He went to Durg primary school in 1959 and was a very bright and caring student. He shares an incident of a cobbler that how we studied in the school and the poor cobbler was polishing the shoes.
• He always gave his lunch to begging child.He loved the character of Lord Rama and also organized stalls of sharbat during Muharram.
• He collected books from the one who passed and used to distribute it to the needy ones.With the growing age he became more determined as ever. He went to SS jain college for the completion of senior secondary and there also he continued his good deeds.
• He started helping every poor,needy and exploited child as he grew.


His financial condition was very bad.He completed his engineering from the books borrowed from library and there were times when he worried about his future.
• He was fond of organizing movements.He secured a good rank in engineering and joined Samrat Ashok Technology institute and had always been there for friends.
• He completed his electrical engineering and a postgraduate degree in high-voltage engineering. He then joined a college in Bhopal as a lecturer for a few years.
• He also propagated the activities of arya samaj and got married to Sumedha in 1978.

Married Life 

She as a young wife stood behind him as a pillar and was the main  support of his success when he decided to give up his career and indulge in activism.
• On 1976 he first met Sumedha on 2nd october for publishing of an article.
In editorial Jan Gyan in Delhi.They talked on various topics and exactly after 1 year they again met on 2nd october and this time something special happened and both fell in love.
• They both got married in 1978.
• In 1980 couple first launched a publication called SANGHARSH JARI RAHEGA FOR BONDAGE LABOUR. He also shifted to delhi meanwhile.


He was very active in JP movement and also offered him to fight elections but he refused.He worked under the tutelage of Swami agnivesh. In 1980 a social worker Ghuram Mahato told him about the exploitation of children in Palamau.
• His team immediately went there but was attacked by the goons. That was the incident which laid the foundation of BACHPAN BACHAO ANDOLAN.He also went Mirzapur and Bhadohi to stop the child labour and shares the horrific incidents.
• He went places to places but most of the time was not supported by police and other but he himself took the task and went to high court by clicking pictures of these incident.
• In 1998 his most ambitious project Global March against child labours was launched which included 14000 institutions across 108 countries.

• He struggled a lot in uniting these children to their families and he has been attacked many times by mafia which became blood thirsty.
• BBA Claims to free thousands of children and he also launched BAL MITRA GRAM which is a child friendly villages in which child labour was banned and childrens were enrolled in school.
• His efforts led to the formation of South Asian coalition.
• Vision is to create a child friendly society by creating a holistic solution and proper atmosphere for children and had the support of top leaders of the country like kalaam,Atal Bihari Vajpayee,Manmohan Singh etc.
• It also ensures the protection of children who have been victims of child slavery.It organised many campaigns around the country for awareness which include anti firecracker  campaign(1996),Fairplay campaign(1996).
• Various marches also organised like Delhi to Kanyakumari in 1995,Calcutta to Kathmandu in 1998 etc.Its a worldwide network working globally.


• There are many traumatizing experience that he came upon.Once there was a batch of 50 children were brought by two middle man for slavery.
• In Bihar and up there were similar condition and many incidents like this were there.
• Many incidents of deceiving a girl into bonded labour and also prostitution and sex slavery and marrying a girl to much older person.
• Brutal incidents of Babloo,Gulabo,Ashraf and many more is enough to shake anybody’s heart and soul.


• Satyarthi launched a worldwide campaign to stop this child labour and was supported by europe and USA also and Asian countries too specially his Rugmark campaign.
• Till 1999 there was no internation law for slavery and in this year Internatrional labour organization launched new convention C182 TO TOP ANY FORMS OF CHILD SLAVERY.
• He launched various campaigns and marches regarding it.He is the founder of Bachpan bachao andolan which is working in many countries and helped in reforming the cildren stolen childhood.
• He has liberated over 80,000 child labourers since 1980.


• Satyarthi, along with Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. It was a very uncontroversial decision till now.
• He has built a strong base on the consumer awareness campaign against use of products made by children.Satyarthi expresses his personal commitment bringing freedom and joy to  the children of the world.
• He also launched shiksha Yatra to make education as the fundamental right and in 2002 it was amended under 86th amendment act making education a fundamental right to 6-14 years.
• He also raised a concern over north eastern region in which approx 4000 children go missing  every  year and physically exploited.He also poses a solution to this problem by enacting some strict laws.He travelled to 117 countries raising this issue as child labour is prevalent in many countries.

• He was called the protector of democracy by American parliament and received four awards and from many countries.
• Mirzapur became his karmabhoomi as this was the carpet belt till bhadohi district and he saved many children from there. More than 1.2 million children are trafficked every year.
• Within India prostitution accounts for a business ,3400 crores and it is also very shocking that lakh crores are generated by enslaving young girls and boys which is one fifth of the GDP of the country.
• India, pakistan and many countries spend less than 2% on education where they spent more than 20% on military.It’s a shame.